Where we brewed it: at Noctua

Malts: Vergina Pale, Wheat, Oats

Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic

Yeast: US-05

Luben Brew is the anniversary beer we prepared to celebrate 5 years of the online cesspool that is

With the aroma of a freshly-peed field in Pogradec, with a color as blonde as the Greek race and hazy like our intentions, with a taste as bitter as the Eurozone debt and sweet like an Aegean sunset, with a foam as fat as the lies in a clickbait article, and with the alcohol hidden, just like the Greeks hide their good heart. Luben Brew is a beer that if it didn’t exist, we should have created it. The beer that we don’t need, and yet the beer we deserve.

A skunky, smelly IPA with a shit-ton of hops, seven degrees of alcohol, four memorandums and the love that we’ve been brewing together all these five years we’ve spent putting up with Luben.

Read more about it on the obnoxious website itself.

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Luben Brew Pub Kit:
Download art and tap handles here.