The best way to understand who we are and what we do is to taste our beers. The second best way is to read this hole thing below.

Origin Story

It all started with the Satyrs in ancient Greece, who mocked Dionysus and his wine, and organized their own fervent parties on the side, where beer was the drink of choice. The druids of Europe and then the monks, carried on this tradition, which survived until the industrial revolution began. Then it became all about scale and volumes, at the expense of quality. But the old techniques were not forgotten.


When the American homebrewers began their experiments, it didn’t take long before they discovered how one can make amazing beers with little effort. Some books were published, some more people took up the hobby. The advent of the internet in the 90s really put things in high gear; the first fora were born, the isolated homebrewers networked and began exchanging techniques, discussing patents and tricks, and most of all, radically improving the quality of their beer, exploring obscure styles and reinventing favorite ones. The most passionate of these talented people started their own microbreweries, and the craft beer revolution was born.

Meanwhile, In Greece…

But of course, things were different in Greece. After the Satyr parties died out, Greeks focused on wine (and, later, on ouzo) and kinda forgot about beer, until the Bavarian brewer Jochan Fuchs came to Athens at the request of the royal court, in the 1830s. His children would go on to create the FIX brand, and the Greeks would start pairing their food with bland industrial lager well into the 20th and 21st century. Modern Greeks consider beer merely an afterthought, it’s good as long as it’s cold and helps them get through the summer.

And this is where we come along.

Try our beers. And let the flavors and the rich aromas of a well-balanced recipe explode in your mind, in a way that only extreme amounts of hops can offer. You can go easy at first, we will still be here afterwards, to lead you down a path of no return, where we’ll let our addiction take over, with each beer recipe more adventurous than the last one.

Welcome to the world of true beer. Let others make compromises, from now on you won’t have to.