The development express locomotive is running at full speed, and Satyr’s humble joint now deals with more than just beer. Dear victims of our aggressive marketing, you mindless consumerism zombies you, all you have to do to give us your money is a couple of left clicks.


The official Satyr Brews Tshirts, in eco-friendly super sexy pale green color, with stamps front and back and on the shoulder because we spared no expense, with abstract art that doubles as Rorschach test for detecting the lewds and the vulgars, are available for sale to every wannabe fashionista at special price!

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The Satyr glass depicted here is exclusively available to faithful devotees. It adheres to the highest quality standards, in accordance with all international standards, and has been deemed suitable not only for good craft beer, but also for other products of the generous Greek soil, like traditional Fasolada with Feta cheese.

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