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  • Our newest collaboration with Anastasiou Brewery is maturing in a tank in Athens. Release news will follow soon!
  • As for our other recent project, Astroblaster (a collaboration with Ride and Bend), the beer is officially sold out, but you might find bottles of it here and there if you ask around. And if not, the epic mix by Turbo Teeth will always remind us of it.
  • And of course you can still get the beer that put us on the map, Menace IPA.

Meanwhile, various other plans of ambitious innovative collaborations and aggressive expansion are underway – and let’s not forget Ratebeer gave us an award, which we decided to brag on our blog about (in Greek).


Here’s a list of prominent friends, colleagues, partners-in-crime.

Come get your juice:

Everyone and their mother keep bugging us asking for some Satyr beer. Giving the same answer to everyone separately got old quickly, so here’s a map, a Who is Who of the insightful business-owners betting on our project’s successful future and offering our beers for sale in their fine establishments. Either on tap to get you wasted asap, or in bottles, for you to drink the sorrows away at home, alone, on your couch, in PJs. So wether it’s a bar or a bottle shop, find the one closest to you, head there and ask for some Satyr Brews. Even if it’s unavailable at the moment, the people there definitely know beer, so they will hook you up with some good stuff.

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