The most casual way to get in touch with us , dearest fan, is through our social media pages, namely Facebook, Instagram, maybe Twitter too.

Like us and follow us, compliment our awesome beers. Post pictures of your full pint on the bar. Tag us and let the world know about Satyr.


As for you, fellow professional, know that on each beer’s page (for example) you can download the relevant artwork, to make a tap handle or to print extra large posters and decorate your walls. Know, too, that Satyr beer is distributed exclusively by the bad boys of Coffee Republic.

So, if you have relevant questions or concerns, you should go bother them, right here.


We are active in the big online beer platforms, Ratebeer and Untappd that is. Having said that:

As Satyr, we are not out to collect friends, we are recruiting brand supporters. And the supporters support. Download these apps then, make an account, write reviews and rate our beers, be an influencer and shamelessly display your love and devotion to us.

If you want to get in touch for something different, something unpredictable, you may send us an email at info [at] satyrbrews [dot] gr

And finally, we’ve put this contact form below. We won’t explain what it’s for, use your judgment.


    Serious offers only.